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I was always one of "those" people who loved the essay question at the end of a grueling test in high school.  I still love the challenge of starting with someone else's suggestion, and making it my own.  When I have writers' block, nothing cures it quite like a good story starter or assigned topic. If you enjoy that kind of writing, you might want to start with a theme list.

Every month, I compile a table that lists current themes, including those for wonderful children's magazines and e-zines, as well as calls for submissions to anthologies and contests.  Now, I'm sharing that list here!  Check out the current themes and needs lists posted for some of the best children's writing sources on the web.  This Microsoft Word document is a free download, created and updated by Liana Mahoney:* 

Theme List (MS Word, 15 pages)

UPDATED ON November 9, 2014, with tons of new themes!

*Note:  This list will be updated on or about the first of the month.  Author is not responsible for incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date information.  Information on this table has been summarized and/or abbreviated according to the author's interpretation of available data.  For complete submissions information, please refer to the magazine's guidelines.

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